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Executive Assessment Services - EAS ®

How do you know who is good?

At the vonGammCom Global Institute for Change, we focus on quality of the assessment environment, combined with state-of-the art psychological methods, adapted to the Information Technology and High Tech Industry. 

They have fast turnaround cycles, a high pace and a key need to take decisions in a timely and accurate manner in order to get the best of the best clients on board.

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How much worth is the right choice?

The leverage of getting the right executive vice president on board can range into the millions of Dollars of revenues and profits. Making the wrong choice might cost – time to market, money and maybe even reputation. This is why we firstly  focus on quality and values.

Instead of just looking at a person’s CV and some achievements—we don’t care about what the person achieved, we care about how this person came to this success. We also seek to find out the promoting  underlying character traits. As a result of our yearlong experience, we have the deep conviction that only the suitable personal character traits guarantee enduring success.

The most critical competitive advantage of any organization is its leadership. But too often, companies make these tough decisions based on inadequate, incomplete and undependable information. Thats why,  hiring, promoting and developing the right senior executive team — and avoiding costly mistakes — has never been more important. 

This service offered to CEOs and board members is to assess their senior executives. This applies when they want to see whether they are  

  • fit for advancement,

  • best fit in an organisation or

  • to give guidance and coaching when it is necessary to do so.

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