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Video: Plan to win

In the age of Digital Transformation, nothing stays as it was - clients change, markets change, the size and shape of deals change -  except one thing that stays: the need for profitable revenues. 

With big transactions, many executives become nervous and as a result leave money on the table. Or even worse: They lose. Particularly, they forget that making big deals is about three key fundamental aspects: The political, the rational and the emotional part of the business. So, how to win?

Winning big deals is not about rigid adherence to a sales process. 

Winning big deals is about being able to present powerful solutions underwritten by hard-hitting differentiators by articulate people that your client wants to work with and combine this with an emotional aspect that clients make get addicted to!

Watch how to close big deals in the following videocast of Dr. Christoph von Gamm.

Key for winning deals is to combine the rational elements of a deal with the political environment and the emotional part. This is the result that vonGammCom will deliver for your firm.  We estimate that our Big Deal Services can improve your close rate by 15 percentage points. 

partnership, two businessman on office buildings background  Bildnummer:183505862, Shutterstock
partnership, two businessman on office buildings background  Bildnummer:183505862, Shutterstock

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Key Facts

  • 92% of all deals initially projected are getting cancelled or lost from an individual service provider‘s perspective.
  • The Business Development (BD) costs have increased from an average 1.5% to 3.8% within the last six years.
  • An increase in win rate from 8% to 22% reduces the approportioned BD costs to a third.